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Salvus, LLC offers our business clients the electronic security solutions of tomorrow, today! With proven techniques and system design implementation processes, Salvus brings secure, reliable, and dependable security solutions to work for you.

State of the art business electronic security solutions for a more secure environment

Security Surveillance

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Access Control/Intrusion 

Access control and intrusion that helps you business stand apart. Sure, we can offer your basic system.... But why stop there? We offer advanced systems that not only serve its purpose in security, but can also fully integrate with each other, assist with time management, audit trails, and more.



Closed circuit television (CCTV) video cameras are an important part of any business’ security strategy. In addition to helping you to safeguard your business interests, CCTV cameras can also help to make your employees feel safe, which will make your place of business a more pleasant place to work. But, CCTV can do much more such as, analyzing the efficiency of process and flow, and help you streamline your business.


Gates and Parking Systems

When it comes to installing a parking gate system, most businesses are familiar with parking barrier arms, but they offer only minimal resistance to entering a parking garage and offer no other security benefits other than restricting vehicles. Barrier arms that are combined with a safety gate can increase who enters and exits a parking lot significantly. Increasing crime has led many businesses to upgrade their building security, but they have not upgraded outdated parking arms to something more significant. Installing a roll down security grille can give parking garage owners a greater sense of security.

Access Control/Intrusion

CCTV/Intercom Systems

        Gates and Parking Systems

Helping you find the right solutions.

At Salvus, LLC. we pride ourselves in being able to offer an array of full spectrum business solutions that cover the majority of your security. From our state of the art and full integration access control, intrusion, and CCTV systems, to our reliable and trusted gate and parking solutions. Please click below to see all that we offer.


Cloud Systems


Your solutions partner with a shared vision.

Mobility This leads us to the newest innovation in mobile technology – the mobile platforms. With mobile access to all of your intrusion, access control and CCTV controls, we are better disposed to access, view, and manage critical events by simply installing security software on the phone. Inadvertently, this technology, which is rapidly emerging as a viable alternative or add on to physical systems, ushers a new era of enhanced management activities.


Cloud Systems Cloud-based systems enables you to remotely manage processes, such as adding or revoking user access, viewing video playback remotely or arming and disarming your system remotely without requiring any on site personnel. While having physical guards on site to help with these matters may provide higher levels of security for your organization, not every organization is willing to or able to invest in high infrastructure costs for local personnel, servers and hardware.


Security A range of crimes are committed against businesses including theft, fraud, damages and assaults. Not only do crimes such as these affect a business and its customers/clients, it can also have a significant impact upon staff and profitability. This is why it is so important that you ensure that you have the appropriate systems in place to provide robust protection against crime. Business security solutions have become increasingly affordable over recent years, providing a range of cost-effective ways for businesses to ensure they have adequate CCTV safety, access control and burglar alarm systems. There are lots of security methods available, designed to provide both physical protection and the protection of your physical assets, sensitive information and data.

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