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How Salvus began:

As the founders of Salvus, LLC. We have worked from the ground up. Each of us had started in this industry many years ago, and has grown in skill level and expertise ever since. With over 20 years of combined experience, we have worked the hot summers in the parking decks and new construction sites with no air flow or AC. We have sat behind a desks and managed projects, service, and team members. We have witnessed successful business practices. We have, unfortunately, also witnessed practices that were not so beneficial to the clients. And yes, we have learned from those as well. We have built relationships with clients on a business and professional level to the point at which our clients have inspired us to consider this next chapter in our lives. These clients have guaranteed their commitment to helping us succeed, due to the fact that when they needed help the most, we were there for the support they needed. We founded Salvus, LLC. on the fundamental idea that we treat clients the way they deserve to be treated. Although this is a lesson we were all taught growing up, it is a lesson that has allowed us to be successful in all of our endeavors thus far. We plan to hold firm to these values and continue on the path on which we have set out .


Our difference:


We treat each client as if they are equally important. No matter the size,
service volume, or revenue generated, and each one of our clients has put faith in us to secure their future. We will honor this fact and assure equality of services rendered to ensure maximum customer service and reliability.



Mission Statement.


Our mission is to provide innovative solutions, superior service, and an environment that allows our employees and clients to trust in us, feel safe, secure, and better serve the community.

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